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 Healthy Fruit Salad

Learn how to lose weight

& re-energise your life

You calorie count and cut out carbs, but nothing seems to work.

It feels like you are in a never ending spiral of fad diets, but still can't shift the weight.

If this resonates with you, then I want you to know you are not alone!

I hear it from my clients so many times - they sign up to a new diet, give it their best efforts, but can't seem to maintain it for the full period; they get disheartened, lose interest and give up.  You feel like you have tried everything possible, but nothing seems to work.  This increases anxiety, lowers confidence levels and feelings of self-fulfillment.

The truth is, diets require you to make a lifestyle change, and if the plan you are following cannot be sustained long term then it becomes difficult to integrate in to a way of life.

Sustainable lifestyle changes require work on a deeper level than just changing the way you eat.  The key to living a healthy life is to address what is happening in body and mind.

In this program we will focus on your nutrition and mindset as a collective; uncovering any mental blocks and setting realistic goals which will be easier to reach with a combination of structured nutrition plans and pure coaching techniques.  This method allows you t make gradual and lasting changes to your everyday life - changes that will benefit you for years to come.

This eating plan includes nutritious, whole foods and has been designed to be easy to follow and sustainable.  In simple terms, it is not a diet, it's a renewed way of living.   Clean eating is not meant to deprive you - the meals will leave you feeling fuller for longer and even allows for the occasional sweet treat.


If you are ready to regain your energy, confidence and zest for life then this plan is for you.  


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The Key To A Healthier, More Energised Life Is Waiting For You

Weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Detailed Guide

30+ Delicious Recipes

Daily Meal Plans

Shopping Lists

Worksheets & Handouts

You are tired of struggling with weight gain, deprivation, feeling exhausted and disillusioned. You are ready to actually those last few pounds and regain your youthful glow

You feel like you are missing out on living life because of restrictive diets, and you  struggle to lose weight, but you just don't have the strength to try another diet, pill, or quick fix.

You are ready to take back your life, reclaim your health and confidence, experience increased energy and clarity in mind.  You want to ENJOY the foods you eat, without the guilt.

Meeting Jody and benefitting from her extraordinary coaching has totally revolutionised my life!  As the frazzled Mum of 4 kids very close in age, my life was quite literally not my own!  I felt like I had lost who ‘I’ was and desperately needed to reboot and reset.  Working with Jody is a true gift that has benefitted me on so many levels.  I can now manage my daily responsibilities so much better and I feel so much more fulfilled generally.  I really look forward to that little space of ‘me’ time when Jody & I meet and I can focus on ‘me and my issues’ rather than everyone else’s! But the true benefit has been the impact on my family of having a much happier Mum at the helm!  Thank you Jody - you are a Godsend! 😘

- Fiona, Norfolk

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After This Nourishing Coaching & Nutrition Program, You Will...

Be able to recognise foods that are unhealthy or processed. You will experience enhanced energy, mental clarity, and health that comes with eating whole foods

Wake up feeling more refreshed as you experience better sleep and less brain fog

Understand the harmful effects of excess sugar consumption, how to detox your body and eliminate sugar cravings

Take back your life and reclaim your health and confidence as you discover a lifetime of sustainable eating habits that create a healthier you.

Understand the mental blocks that have been standing in your way, and be equipped with the right tools to be able to overcome these in future

Make This The Year You Can Say You Showed Up For Yourself

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“If you keep showing up for yourself, you can move mountains… Do not let anyone else take your happiness.” - Kesha


Don't second guess your health.  You only get one body and one mind, so make sure you give them both the best attention you can.


This program is jam packed with so much valuable and life changing content, designed in a way to allow you to take back your life, and become mindful and present, to care for your own health, or to nurture your own creativity and energy.


 You will receive lifetime access to the program, including any new updates, so you can go through it again at any time. The materials are yours to keep forever!

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