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I had the opportunity to be coached by Jody and it really made a difference for me. She helped me to uncover challenges I was facing around putting myself first. She is a great listener, which helped me to get to a place where I could see the clear answer. I highly recommend working with Jody if you are a mother at any stage of the journey.

- Amy, Canada

Coaching with Jody is a revelation; she creates a safe and warm environment leaving you feeling comfortable to share things you didn’t realise you needed to.  She listens and gently prompts you to find your way through to your goals and how to start achieving them.  I felt like she was in my corner right from the start and could not have made the changes i needed to without her.  I cannot recommend Jody highly enough. 

- Sonja, E.Sussex

Meeting Jody and benefitting from her extraordinary coaching has totally revolutionised my life!  As the frazzled Mum of 4 kids very close in age, my life was quite literally not my own!  I felt like I had lost who ‘I’ was and desperately needed to reboot and reset.  Working with Jody is a true gift that has benefitted me on so many levels.  I can now manage my daily responsibilities so much better and I feel so much more fulfilled generally.  I really look forward to that little space of ‘me’ time when Jody & I meet and I can focus on ‘me and my issues’ rather than everyone else’s! But the true benefit has been the impact on my family of having a much happier Mum at the helm!  Thank you Jody - you are a Godsend! 😘

- Fiona, Norfolk

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