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Coaching Programs

Unlock the Power of Your Dreams

1:1 Private Coaching

Illumination Session

In our dedicated 60-minute 1:1 Illumination Session, we'll delve into the heart of your aspirations. Together, we'll uncover insights, navigate obstacles, and craft actionable strategies uniquely tailored to you. Walk away with your personalised Limitless Life Blueprint, a compass guiding you towards the success you envision. Ready to ignite your potential? Book your Illumination Session now and let's embark on this transformative journey together!

Luminous Life Mastery

A journey in Self-Love, Confidence,
and Compassion

Luminous Life Mastery is designed to illuminate the extraordinary within you. This self-study course is an empowering journey that explores the realms of self-love, confidence, and compassion, guiding you to radiate with authenticity and resilience. Elevate your life, embrace your worth, and confidently navigate the path to your most luminous self. It's an illuminated journey that will reshape the way you live, love, and lead.

Worthy Women 

Group Coaching

Embrace your worth alongside a community of ambitious women, where we blend the power of self-discovery with authentic business growth. Be part of a transformative sisterhood that celebrates individuality and collective success. Elevate your business while staying true to your values with exclusive resources, expert insights, and coaching sessions. Ready to redefine your worth? Secure your spot on the waitlist now and be the first to embark on a journey of self-discovery, business growth, and unwavering authenticity

Radiant Worth


A transformative workshop designed exclusively for women seeking to unveil their inner light. Venture into a journey of self-discovery, learn to navigate your worth, embrace radiant relationships, and illuminate your path forward. Packed with insightful information, Radiant Worth is carefully crafted to leave you inspired and eager for more. Discover the power within through guided exercises, expert insights, and success stories. As the workshop concludes, an exclusive offer awaits.  Take the next step towards a more radiant you

At the Worthy Women Empowerment Hub, you will find a range of services designed to help you achieve your goals. 

I truly believe in supporting my clients the whole way on their path to rediscovering an extraordinary life.

My mission is simple: give my clients the education, tools and resources that they need to feel confident to move forward living the life they desire.

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